Whilst every project is different , they all begin with a conversation.
James gets an understanding of who the piece is for and where, how and when it will be used.
Through a collaborative approach we arrive at something that is both simply elegant and unique to you!

The Process

  1. Following your enquiry, James will give you some indicative costs. It is often useful to discuss this early on in the process.
  2. An appointment can be made to visit the workshop to look at samples and discuss the design further.
  3. Once a design has been agreed, you will be invoiced, and typically, a 50% deposit is paid.
  4. James will then follow up with a site visit, and any queries can be addressed before agreeing on a final draft.
  5. Sourcing materials and manufacturing then begins.
  6. Lead times and production times vary depending on the nature of the work and
    current schedule. These will be discussed following the site visit.