Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before entering into any agreement with “James Birbeck &
Birbeck’s Woodwork” (“we, us, ours”)

  1. Estimates and quotations are valid for 28 days from date of issue, unless otherwise stated.
  2. A deposit of 50%, unless otherwise stated, is required prior to the start of any detailed design work, securing production time and ordering materials.
  3. The customer may cancel any commissions and custom-made orders within 72hrs after date of acceptance.
  4. In the case of cancellations made after the agreed cancellation period or following receipt of the required deposit, we shall be entitled to retain the non-refundable deposit in full.
  5. Commissioned furniture and made-to-order items are non-returnable. The only exception being, if the item is faulty or misdescribed. If you believe an item is faulty or misdescribed, please email us at
  6. On receipt of an outline design for goods and services, the customer shall confirm that it is suitable for the purposes they require and approve the outline design.
  7. The order shall be paid in full on delivery or installation of goods.
  8. The title and ownership of the goods shall not be passed to the customer either legally or beneficially until payment in full for goods and associated services has been cleared.
  9. The intellectual property incorporated in the design of the goods supplied shall remain in our property in perpetuity.


  1. Solid wood timber has knots, pips, shakes and stains revealing their previous life as a growing tree. These are seen as inherent characteristics of natural timber and are not considered a fault or defect in the wood nor workmanship.
  2. We select timber carefully for its intended purposes and match up planks to create pleasing grain patterns. This natural variation is part of our furniture. Items can not be returned because you do not like the colour or grain pattern.
  3. Solid wood timber, veneers and sheet material are affected by heat and moisture. We can not be held responsible for movement in furniture or homewares caused by exposure to extremes of temperature and humidity, such as, next to a radiator, exposed to direct sunlight or by an unnaturally dry atmosphere, for example, caused by under-floor heating.
  4. Any sample of wood type, finish or mechanism are intended to demonstrate the working and typical appearance of the intended goods. Whilst every effort will be made to maintain adherence to this and the essence of the outline design, the goods that are the subject of this agreement will be manufactured in the manner we consider most suitable and using such materials as we consider to be required.


  1. The intended delivery date, or period for the goods, shall be agreed after the customer approval of the outline of the design and receipt of the deposit. While we will make every effort to deliver the goods on the date or within the period arranged with the customer, we shall in the event of an act of God, inclement weather, strikes, lockouts, utility failures, non– availability of materials or third party services or any other matter beyond our control, we shall be entitled to make later delivery and such delivery shall be accepted by the customer. We shall not in such an event be liable to any loss whatsoever arising from or consequential upon delay in delivery for the aforementioned reasons.
  2. If the customer accepts a delivery date, that subsequently cannot be met, they should advise us 5 working days prior to the delivery date. Cancellations of delivery less than 48hrs prior to the agreed date may incur a re-delivery charge.

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